Quik Cockpit in flight a
GT450 P&M3a

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a trial flight to see if I like it?

Yes. Please go to the Trial Flights section on this website as we offer 20, 30, 40 and 60 minute trial flights. They also make great gifts too.

Are Microlights safe?
Yes. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) maintains rigorous airworthiness standards for all training aircraft. Recent statistics from the CAA showed microlight aircraft to be the safest form of private aviation in the UK in terms of serious accidents divided into hours flown.

Can I fly all year round?
Yes, provided it is daylight with good visibility and the winds are not excessive.

What are the Medical Requirements?
To fly solo requires a Declaration of Fitness form countersigned by your G.P. and anyone suffering from the following will be further assessed :- Epilepsy, Fits, Severe head injury, Recurrent fainting, Giddiness or Blackouts, Coronary artery disease, Insulin controlled diabetes, any Psychiatric disorder or any other disorder liable to cause incapacitation.

Is there an age limit?
For training to count towards a licence the minimum age is 14. Solo flights can be made from age 16, and the minimum age to hold a licence is 17. There is no upper age limit but you will still require a Declaration of Fitness form countersigned by your G.P. to fly solo. There are no age restrictions for Trial Flights or Gift Flights.

Is there a weight limit?
This depends on the type of aircraft. The maximum pilot/passenger weight allowed on our GT450 Club Training Aircraft is 110kg or 17 stone.

Does the weather affect training?
In general the conditions required for training are:-
• Wind speed no more than 15 to 20 mph for the flexwing and up to 30 mph for the Ikarus C42
• Visibility greater than 5 Km in flight
• Cloud base above 1000 feet
• Preferably no rain, though it is quite possible to fly in light rain.

When are you open?
All year round, 7 days a week, subject to suitable weather conditions.

Do I need a licence to fly a microlight?
In the UK you have to complete a training course and gain a licence to fly microlights. The Licence is called the National Private Pilot's Licence (Microlights). NPPL (M).

Do I have to fly from an airfield?
No. This is part of the attraction of this sport. You can fly a microlight from any suitable land area with the permission of the land owner provided that there is no planning restraint to prevent this use. If there is controlled airspace above the land, you have to have the permission of the controllers of that airspace.

How much does a microlight cost?
Second hand microlights range from around £3000. New dual seat microlights range from around £20,000 to £85,000.

How far and high can a microlight fly?
This depends on lots of factors but broadly speaking, older microlights have a range of about 150 miles whereas some of the very latest models can fly almost 1000 miles before refuelling. In terms of altitude, Richard Meredith-Hardy flew a Quantum microlight over Mt. Everest where it is very cold and you need oxygen, so altitude is not a limiting factor!

Do I need to buy my own mircolight to learn on?
You are very welcome to use the school aircraft for most of your training and we can offer a choice of Quantum, Quik, GT450 or Ikarus C42 (see Our Aircraft page). However, many student pilots buy their own microlight once they have completed a few hours on the school aircraft, so they are ready to fly solo in their own machine.

Do you have to be very strong to fly a microlight?
No. Three-axis aircraft such as our Ikarus C42 has very light controls, so light in fact that most people are surprised just how easy it is. Flexwings or weightshift aircraft such as the GT450, Quantum or Quik (see Our Aircraft page) require a bit more strength than the Ikarus C42 but we have trained many teenagers and ladies to fly so there's no need to rush out to the gym. If you come along for a Trial Flight  we can show you the differences between the aircraft.

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